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Coffe in the Courtyard



Rosemary Hain had a conflict when she left school, to follow a career in ballet or to study art and as the viewer will see here it was art that eventually won the day, but the grace and beauty of ballet has been a constant influence in Rosemary's work.

Rosemary has over the years departed from the ridged discipline of scientific illustration that defined her early years as an artist and gone on to develop a distinctive and unmistakably feminine style to her art. The soft pastel tones of her paintings and her choice of subject have a tranquillity that is both charming and comforting.

The artwork that Rosemary has created over the years graces the walls of many homes both here in Australia and overseas and she has an enthusiastic group of admirers and collectors. So please take some time to view the gallery pages and see for yourself the outstanding artwork of Rosemary Hain



Sorting Pears


1984 Weswal Gallery, Tamworth
1999 Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
1997 Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
1995 Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
1993 Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane


2002 Byron Fine Art Gallery, Byron Bay
2000 Red Hill Gallery, Brisbane
1998 North Sydney Fine Art Gallery
1996 North Sydney Fine Art Gallery
1995 3Bell Court, Wodonga
1989 Rotary Club of Wauchope
1986 St Josephs College Annual Exhibition
1985 Albert Gallery, Mosman
1984 Mid North Coast Art Exhibition
1984 St Josephs College Art Exhibition
1984 Weswal Gallery, Tamworth
1983 St Josephs College Art Exhibition
1983 Wauchope Annual Art Festival
1982 MS Society Annual Art Exhibition
1982 Woolshed Art Gallery Port Macquarie
1982 Port Macquarie Art Society
1981 Wauchope Annual Art Festival